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Unblock MySpace, Facebook, hi5 etc with our List of fresh and working Proxies:

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Just to give you an idea of how exposed you are on the internet right now take a look of how easy it is to know what your IP is :

Do you need a school proxy?

Well as we all know schools and other educational institutes frequently block access on purpose to specific web sites on the internet. It is not important to know why they do this, what is important is to know what you can do to bypass it.

You will find out that social networking web sites are commonly blocked and the only way to access them is by using a proxy site. That is why Proxies4MySchool is here for.

Using a proxy site from our Proxy List will allow you to unblock almost any site from school.
Proxies4MySchool provides you with fresh proxy sites which you can find here.

The proxy sites will help you to bypass any web filtering and let you access all your favorite websites such as:

Facebook ,Myspace,Bebo,Twitter,Youtube,Orkut and a lot of others.
You can check our popular proxy list, or get latest and fresh proxy.